Cantina – Happy Birthday Kristina !

Tuesday, 13th May 2014. Happy Birthday to my bestfriend, Kristina :)

Had a mini celebration with my girlfriends & also my partner. Thank you partner for joining us :)

We went to Mexican Restaurant – Cantina in Újezd, Prague.


The Girls & The Foods

The portion is quite big however I was really satisfied with this place. SuperB Mexican Foods :)


Us :)

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Klub Blanice – UK & IE Team Outing

Hey hey.. I’m glad that I am part of UK & Ireland team in DHL. Although there is a lot of work, need to communicate with British & Irish which is quite hard to understand their accent in the beginning & consist lots of guys in my team however, I am really happy to be part of the team.

We are busy & we don’t really have the chance to spend time, talk to each other & some of us are sitting far to each other. LOL.

And we decided for the team outing in Klub Blanice which is about 15mins walk from our office.

9th May 2014 – Had fun time with them on Friday evening. Usually on Friday evening I spend time with my partner however sometimes it’s nice to spend time with the team members & do something different. LOL

Here some of us.. They are nice, friendly & I never ever feel awkward when mixing with them :)


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Le Carrousel

One single weekend ~ 4th May 2014. LOL. As my partner wasn’t in Prague, so that’s why I call it as single weekend.

Was spending time with my good friend, Kristina & she brought me to one new place which is an island on Vltava River, Střelecký Ostrov. We were walking around the island, sitting on bench while having some girls talk with the nice view of around that.



After that, she brought me to one of the French cafe which is Le Carrousel in Národní. We had a very nice pancake with bananas & nutella.

Girls talk is always nice ;) LOL

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Yamyam – Thai Food & Café

Craving for Thai foods? Here we go !

Been here in Prague for several months, finally manage to stop by at this place. Actually I always pass by this place since it is exactly at Vyšehrad metro station. But never stop by to have some foods here.

Finally, during my training holiday, 30th April 2014 – Wednesday, was planning to have lunch with partner. We decided to have lunch here.


So I had Pad Thai as I was really craving for it. Quite nice but cannot beat the one that in Thailand. LOL. What do I expect? Thai foods in Europe won’t be the same in Thailand right?

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6 Months in Prague

Masa berganti masa, hari berganti hari, sedar tak sedar, it’s already 6 months here I’m in Prague, Czech Republic, Europe. What ? Half year already ?

Bila tengok balik ke belakang, rasa macam betul ke selama ni I managed to survive here & lives here ? Kadang-kadang still macam tak percaya that I’m in Europe, jauh dari Malaysia & completely the other part of the globe.

Alhamdulillah & I’m glad that my dreams comes true. Yes, a lot of dreams. Day by day, rasa macam one by one my dream comes true.

I’m happy here, so happy here & I appreciate every single moment here. :) I believe that I meant to be in Prague; am I ? :)

I still remember mula-mula sampai sini, first time menjejakkan kaki di bumi Europe ni on Monday, 28th October 2013. And I’m glad exactly 6 months after that which is this day, Monday, 28th April 2014, went for a mini celebration 6 months in Prague.

Actually I wasn’t in the office that day as I’m on training holiday & partner also took holiday to accompany me. Thank you so much !


We went for “All you can eat” at Running Sushi in one of the shopping mall which is Nový Smíchov also in Prague.

Had really tasty foods & I just eat whatever I want. Yeah satisfied !

Looking forward to stay longer here in Prague. And dear partner, thank you for everything. :) As always :)

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Letenské sady

The next day after Pasta Fresca, we went for a walk in a huge park. It was a nice weather that day & I’m glad ;)

Letenské sady also known as Letná Park. Had fun time with partner & I’m so happy !


View of Prague City

We sit there & had some talk. Enjoying the view, it was so calm & nice. I just can’t describe how I feel :)


The Bridges

After that, we continue our walk & heading to Prague Castle. Oh yea, it’s possible to walk from here to Prague Castle & we were passing by some other small park & here, a little pond :)


Next; before reached Prague Castle, we found another nice place & building here as below :)


There is a lot of park in Prague & I really like to go there. However, we don’t really have much time to visit the park every weekend :(

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Pasta Fresca

As usual, Friday night out with partner. :) It’s nice to spend time together after busy with work for the whole week.

25th April 2014 – And he was inviting me to go for movie however as some people know that I’m not really interested in movie but of course I have watched some movies.

We went to one of this cinema somewhere around Prague as well but the other side of the river. And we watched The Grand Budapest Hotel. Not bad & it’s really nice. Yeah Budapest, Hungary is one of the place that I would like to go as well. I really like Europe, do I ? :P

After movie, we went for a walk around city centre & Old Town Square. He is somehow has made some surprise & brought me here to Pasta Fresca which is not far from Old Town Square & it’s on one street heading to Palladium shopping mall.


Pasta Fresca :)

The place is nice, Italian thing is always nice, don’t they ? :) Since we were not really hungry & we just had some dessert. Actually he is the one that ordered me this kind of dessert which is I don’t have any idea at all & this is my first trial.

So he ordered me Ananas-Cannelloni & he had some tiramisu. Any idea how does it taste for this Ananas-Cannelloni ? Basically it’s pineapple & something with a lil bit coconut. I can’t really explain how does it taste & of course I really like it ! Thank you partner :)


Yeah I ate a lot here in Prague. I cook, I visit some cafes/restaurants but people somehow complaint that I’m getting slim. LOL. Might be, & I’m glad. Well, maybe because I walked a lot as well. I really like to walk around Prague. Beautiful city !

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Wine Food Market

One day after last Easter, on Monday, 21st April 2014, we were walking around & suddenly found this nice shop. The nearest stop is Smíchovské nádraží which is also not far from my place. We were very surprised that there they have a very nice Italian market which is Wine Food Market. It’s just amazing !


They sell some Italian foods, pastas, sauces & Italian thing. There are also some cafes with Italian Foods as well. And I was really crazy of all those things.


We didn’t really have proper meal there as we were already full. Just had some yogurts & desserts. Probably will go there again.

Prague.. Many things to try & looking forward to try everything :)

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19th April 2014 – Saturday

Went for a dinner with my girlfriend & partner. This is our first time outing together & I’m very happy when I have two people I love in front of me :)


And again, I had Smažený sýr (typical Czech food) which is basically Fried Cheese. I’ve tried various Smažený sýr however I really like the one here in Hybernia. Hybernia is just near to Palladium :)

Thank you for your precious time, Maya & my Petr :)

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Potrefená husa Národní

Friday – 18th April 2014 :)

Well, we always have Friday Routine Dinner & this time it was not really a dinner sebab my partner was oncall. However, managed to persuade him for a quick dinner & after that managed to persuade him a lil bit more for drinks. LOL. Susah betul bila dengan orang oncall ni :D


We went to Potrefená husa Národní in Národní Třída. Yeah nice place & nice dessert too. He advised me to tried Crème brûlée. Don’t know how to describe the taste & I really like it. This is my first time I tried this. And of course with my favorite drink Sládkova limonáda :)

Enjoy !

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