Kavárna Zanzibar

Friday; 14 March 2014…


Cheese Quesadilla

Had a long walk after work. Went to Náměstí Míru, Vinohradská, Žižkov, Riegrovy Sady & back again to Náměstí Míru for dinner.

We had our second Friday dinner at Kavárna Zanzibar. Such a nice place & I can say that it is quite romantic. LOL..

Such a nice moment :)

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Dresden, Germany

Weekend Gateway in Dresden, Germany..

Saturday; 8th March 2014. Went for holiday in Dresden, Germany which is just about 2 1/2 hours from Prague.

1st day in Dresden; Something stupid happened that morning & it was my fault. I’m failed with time management. LOL.. We arrived in Dresden in the afternoon, terus pergi check-in hotel. We stayed at Achat Comfort Hotel Dresden & it’s like 10mins walk from the Hauptbahnhof (main train station).

We went for a walk and has visited some places. Had improper lunch around Neustadt because we would like to try many type of foods there. Nothing much to write so let’s just check some photos here..


Augustus Bridge & Frauenkirche 


Bruhlsche Terrasse






 Travel partner, good friend of mine, Kristina :)

Dresden is really nice, tenang sangat. On second day, kitaorang lepak kat tepi sungai sambil baring kat atas padang, layan perasaan. Tak tahu nak cakap macam mana feeling tu best sangat.

What can I say, Dresden is a romantic place. You will feel it when you are there. :)

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Grill Restaurant Za Větrem

I went for a dinner with a Czech friend on Friday, February 28th after work.

Had a nice dinner at Grill Restaurant Za Větrem which is not far from Metro Station Roztyly. However, we need to walk in the forest for about 10 minutes & reached this place.

As far as I can remember, we spent like 4 hours for this dinner. I had BBQ chicken with nice sauces which is I’ve no idea at all what’s the name of these two sauces. LOL. However, I really like it. And my friend had a spaghetti I guess ? Can’t really remember. :D


This is our first dinner & we know each other because of work maybe about a year ago when I was in Cyberjaya. We talked a lot & yeah, sharing about cultures, life & etc.

Such a nice moment with a Czech friend & much appreciates.. :)

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Grand Cafe Orient, Prague

Hello people. I’m back again on this blog. I’m forcing myself now to update this. LOL. Many things that I would like to tell however, I’m just lazy & I don’t really have much time :)

Few weeks ago or maybe I could say a month ago, on Monday, February 10th 2014, my colleague in Cyberjaya which is Czech, was here in Prague for holiday.

We went to Grand Cafe Orient in Prague 1 which is in between Palladium & Old Town Square. Yes, Prague has lots of nice cafes.. :)


Had an apple strudel as always. Not sure why I’m crazy over apple thingy lately. And I really like Kapsa Jablečná (Apple Pie).

After that, we went to another place around Narodni Divadlo (if I’m not mistaken) & had a nice cocktails & also there’s another two Czech friends joined us. It was a wonderful evening & of course I was so tired after work.. :D

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Hard Rock Cafe Prague

8th February 2014; Saturday Night Fever.. I went to explore the Prague night life. Yeah, I like to explore & get to know new things.

Me & my two other girl friends went to Hard Rock Cafe in Prague 1 & it’s not far from Old Town Square. Thank you Maya that prepared dinner for us. Had nice Spanish Tortilla & fruits salad.

There were no show on that day, however we enjoyed the music that were playing there although it’s too loud. LOL..


Inside Hard Rock Cafe Praha

Hard Rock Cafe Prague is very nice & huge ! There were like 4 floors I think. Can you imagine how big it is ? I’m not sure about Hard Rock Cafe in Kuala Lumpur because I haven’t been there. And I only went to Hard Rock Cafe Bali, Indonesia last 2 years & it’s not huge like here.


Pandita, Maya & Me – Dutch, Georgian, Malaysian :)

And of course, drinks & foods here are quite expensive compare to other places.

After that we went to other place, La Bodeguita del Medio Restaurant & Bar. Spanish music + Spanish Dance :) Went back around 4am (haven’t go out until late for quite some time. Last time it was in KL) & there are many people around Vaclavske Namesti. LOL so happening ! What can I say, Prague is very safe & don’t have to worry about surroundings…

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Bowling with teammate

A month ago.. 7th February 2014 – Went to play bowling with my teammate, my team UK & Ireland after work on Friday. We went to nearest shopping Mall which is Centrum Chodov.

Not all of them could join this time. However, glad that can spend time with my teammate. We don’t have much time to talk to each other / bonding session during work. Yes, we are so busy like !@#$%^&* ..

My team UK & Ireland basically consist of 12 men & 2 women (including me). Around half of them are British guys. LOL sometimes I can’t catch the British Accent. But what to do, I am supporting UK & Ireland. Getting better & get use with their accent. Glad to be in this team although I’m the only Malay/Asian. I learnt a lot from them & at the same time can improve my English :) And of course, the guys are very helpful !


Actually only me & Katerina are the girls from our team. The rest are my teammate’s girlfriend & the other one is my good friend from German team. And we are consist of British, Malaysian, Bulgarian, Costa Rican & also Czech girls :) Different nationalities from the whole world. LOL


I never feel awkward when I’m with them. What can I say.. They are super duper nice & friendly, respect each other, very open minded, not racist at all.. So don’t scared to mix with Western people :)

The moment that I can’t forget is when me, Jonathan & Kristina ran down to catch the metro. LOL. We are from rooftop was running down through the car road. Well it’s so funny ! Haha..

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Snow.. Snow..

My first snow experience.. :) Am I too late to feel the “snow” ? :)

It was snowing in Prague when I was on holiday in Italy. My friends in Prague text me & send some photos full with snow. Thank you Jiri & Maya. And I was like; “whyyyy it’s snowing when I wasn’t in Prague ?” :(

Lucky me, arrived in Prague I was so surprised that I saw everything are white from the airplane. How beautiful !

However, the unlucky part is temperature. When I was in Italy, it was around 7C to 11C. And I have a light winter jacket with me instead of another winter jacket. Unfortunately, back in Prague it is -10C. Can you imagine how I need to survive from airport to home ? Haha


 It’s snowing

Everything is white. I was playing with the snow with my friends when I go to work. Here are some photos of snow in front of my office.


In front of office building

It’s a new & nice experience to me. But, I feel some differences. I feel tired, sleepy & no mood. My friends told me that’s normal & especially this is first winter experience to me. Seriously, I don’t know how to tell, don’t know how to describe.


 View from my desk

Winter is almost end. I’m waiting for Spring :)

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Italy Trip 2014; Rome

23 January 2014; Finally.. I’m in Rome !

From Florence, we took the train that morning & arrived in Rome in the afternoon. I tak ingat sangat berapa lama the journey but I think that it’s around 3 hours & sampai kat Rome Termini. Petang tu kitaorang jalan-jalan to few places & jauh juga la berjalan. What can I say, kat Rome ni banyak makanan halal lagi-lagi around Rome Termini tu. So tak payah risau & senang nak dapat kebab, nasi briyani & seangkatan dengannya. Tapi tak payah expect nasi lemak la memang takde. Haha.

When in Rome, the place that you need to go is Fontana Di Trevi which is Love Fountain. Ala yang macam dalam movie “When in Rome” tu.. Hehe..


 Fontana Di Trevi. Make your wish & throw a coin

Next, kitaorang jalan lagi & sampai kat Pantheon. Pantheon ni macam church & sangat besar.


In front of Pantheon


Inside Pantheon

Jalan dan jalan lagi, sampai la kat Spanish Steps. Penat juga la nak jalan sampai naik atas. Dah la masa tu macam hujan. Macam biasa la I memang takde stamina nak panjat-memanjat ni. Haha. Tapi di sebabkan semangat nak tengok apa ada kat atas, maka panjat la juga. Dari atas, boleh tengok view di sekeliling tu.


Spanish Steps

Pagi esoknya kitaorang pergi Colosseum. Which is tempat paling famous kat Rome. Kalau datang Rome, memang sebab nak pergi visit Colosseum la kan. Tempat yang penuh bersejarah & memang amazing.




 With bestfriend

Lepas tu, kitaorang naik metro & pergi Vatican City (Holy place). Selalu main game mesti ada Vatican City ni & bila tengok, macam unique & rasa nak pergi. Akhirnya sampai juga kat sini. Tapi kitaorang tak masuk la dalam church semua tu. Just lepak kat luar tengok sekeliling. Nak masuk pun macam queue panjang.


St. Peter’s Square, the basilica and obelisk

Masa on the way dari metro station nak jalan pergi Vatican City ni, banyak sangat shops. OMG ! So sempat la stop kejap shopping.


 Vatican City

Petang tu, lepak kat one garden ni. Mula-mula I nak balik rest sebab dah tak larat. Pastu my friends tak bagi balik sorang sebab diaorang risau. Haha terharu jap. So I pun ikut pergi lepak kat Pincio Garden. Garden ni macam atas bukit sikit & bila dah berada kat atas, amazing sangat dapat tengok view of Rome city.


 Rome, Italy

Baru teringat, selama ni pernah tengok photos orang pergi Rome & ambil gambar kat sini boleh nampak view Rome. Sangat cantik !

Rome ~ I really like this city. Yes, Rome is really beautiful.Rasa macam nak datang lagi one day & hope dapat datang with someone special :) Biasala berangan-angan.

Seminggu berada di Italy. Finally back to Prague. I’m happy !

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Italy Trip 2014; Florence

Third city I’ve visited is Florence & was there for 2 nights. Masa I kat Florence, terus I rindu Prague & tak sabar nak balik Prague. LOL. I will try to update dengan sebaiknya. Sebab dah lebih sebulan & almost forgot dah mana I pergi.

So, from Venice, we took the train to Florence Santa Maria Novella Station. Kitaorang sampai dalam tengah hari & petang tu dah start jalan-jalan around Florence city centre. Actually masa ni I dah start tak sihat. Takde stamina betul kan. Baru hari ketiga berjalan dah tak sihat. LOL. Padahal masa tu kat Florence tak sejuk pun, dalam 10 celcius. Tapi entah kenapa. Maybe sebab penat sangat & banyak outdoor activity kan.


Basilica of Santa Maria Novella

Florence ni tak la besar sangat, & ada banyak bridge yang menghubungkan antara sungai tu. So ini la yang membuatkan I lagi teringat kat Prague. Hehe. But for me, Prague lagi cantik. Let’s check some photos here.


Top left : Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore (Basilica of Saint Mary of the Flower) which is the main church in Florence, Italy.

Bottom left : Ponte Vecchio ni macam Charles Bridge kat Prague. Boleh jalan-jalan & yang beza sikit dengan Prague kat sini banyak shops yang jual jewellery, gold, diamonds, etc. Kat kiri kanan sepanjang jalan tu. Siapa-siapa yang suka benda macam ni boleh la datang sini.

Top right : Palazzo Vecchio is the town hall of Florence, Italy. Dekat-dekat sini banyak shops & memang tempat shopping.

Bottom right : OMG pizzas sedap sangat tak tahu nak cakap macam mana. I do realized that pizzas kat Italy ni best sangat. Memang rasa bezanya. Sorry, tak ingat nama cafe ni. Tapi tak jauh dari Ponte Vecchio.

The next day, kitaorang pergi  menara senget Pisa (Leaning Tower). From Florence, we took the train & the journey is around 1 hour. Takde apa sangat pun kat Pisa ni cuma tower tu je la. Masa kat Pisa Tower ni I memang betul-betul tak sihat & tak larat. Tapi kuatkan semangat haha !


Pisa Tower

Memang amazing tengok menara condong di dunia ni. Tak pernah terfikir akan betul-betul sampai kat sini. Alhamdulillah, sampai juga kat sini.


Around Pisa Tower

We had lunch dekat-dekat situ. Sekali lagi, Italian foods in Italy are so nice ! I had Cheese Risotto. Banyak je restaurants & cafe around Pisa Tower ni. Sampai tak tahu nak pilih yang mana.

Petang tu kitaorang balik ke Florence. Balik, penat sangat & rest kejap. Malam tu keluar pergi makan ice cream Gelato kat Grom. Ice cream pun sedap. Terus rasa greedy nak semua flavor. Kenapa la Italy ni memang makanan sedap ? Haha. Buat I rindu Italy je isk isk.


Lemon + Cookies & Cream

See you in next entry ;)

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Italy Trip 2014; Venice

From Milan, we took the train Italia to Venezia Santa Lucia Station. The journey took about 2 hours & 35 minutes. Boleh tahan lama juga kan. Tapi train diaorang ni bukan macam train KTM kita. Train diaorang ni sangat la selesa ok.

Venice, Italy. Actually kononnya I nak save this place as honeymoon spot. Kononnya la kan. Tapi di sebabkan sekarang belum ada partner kat Europe ni & kebetulan my friend ajak, so I pun pergi je la. Takpela, nanti dengan partner kita plan pergi honeymoon tempat lain ok. Hehe.


Night at Venice, Italy

As you know Venice ni sebuah pulau & main transportation semuanya water transport. Tengok dalam gambar & bila berada kat Venice ni sangat la lain. Masa sampai kat Venice tu dah malam & suasana sangat la romantic. Feeling semacam. Maka, tak sabar nak tunggu hari esoknya. Kitaorang stay kat Hotel Airone & tak jauh dari station Venezia Santa Lucia. Malam tu tidur lambat sebab borak-borak dengan girlfriends. So jangan terkejut tengok gambar I nanti dengan mata yang tak berapa sihat. Kehkehkeh. We stayed for 2 nights in Venice.


 Good morning with bestfriend !

Good morning Venice ! OMG ! Rasa macam percaya & tak percaya je I kat Venice. Seriously. This is one of my dream place. Memang dari dulu berangan nak datang Venice. Finally I kat sini. Alhamdulillah. Ini kenyataan bukan mimpi. Haha.

Kitaorang spend the whole day jalan-jalan 1 pulau. Many shops & restaurants di kiri kanan. Boleh tahan tempat shopping kat sini. LV, Salvatore Ferragamo & seangkatan dengannya pun ada. And we had some pizzas for lunch. Not bad & memang sedap. Pizza kat Italy ni memang lain. You will feel the difference. Taktau nak cakap macam mana.


Ride, ride.. Gondola

Penat juga la jalan & Venice ni agak besar. Kitaorang sempat naik Gondola. Mesti ramai nak tahu berapa harga naik Gondola kat Venice ni kan. Normal rate is 80 euros for 1 hour. Tapi kitaorang naik for half an hour je which is 50 euros. Memang mahal naik benda ni. Tapi alang-alang dah sampai naik je la kan.


Venice. Unique city.

Venice ni memang unique. Dulu tengok gambar je & tak terfikir pun bandar dia macam ni. Langsung takde jalan raya & hanya boleh jalan kaki between buildings dalam 1 pulau. Susah nak explain. Tengok je la dalam gambar @ kalau berpeluang datang la sini.


 Between the buildings

Jalan-jalan lagi sampaila kat Rialto Bridge (Ponte Di Rialto). Actually banyak je bridge kat Venice yang connect one place with another. Tapi Rialto ni the oldest bridge in Venice & macam mercu tanda Venice yang merangkumi Grand Canal. Cantik !


 Rialto Bridge

Jalan dan jalan lagi sampai la kat Piazza San Marco (St. Mark’s Square) iaitu Public Square of Venice. Besar & luas. Dekat-dekat sini juga ada St. Mark’s Basilica iaitu cathedral church & juga Palazzo Ducale iaitu sebuah palace yang merupakan main landmarks of the Venice city.


 St. Mark’s Basilica


Palazzo Ducale

Kat sini view dia, Subhanallah cantik sangat. Sampai speechless I. Tepi laut, dan tak tahu nak cakap macam mana. Tengok je la gambar. Romantic betul. Kehkehkeh. I memang tak habis-habis part romantic tu. Sentimental soul betul.


 Such a nice view

Petang tu balik naik water taxi sebab tak larat nak jalan. Water taxi ni dalam 2 euros untuk cross dalam 5 minit perjalanan. Sampai kat Santa Croce, kitaorang pergi dinner kat one of the restaurant ni I tak ingat nama apa & had Spaghetti.

Pasal makanan tak payah risau sebab banyak je cafe/restaurant kat Venice ni. Juga ada 1 kedai halal kebab. Pasal foods price kat sini, for me takdela mahal sangat. Tapi selalu orang kata Venice ni semua benda mahal kan. Tak juga sebenarnya. Mahal sikit je, tak beza sangat. Takdela sampai berganda-ganda kan. So don’t worry, don’t be scared nak datang sini. Even for the whole pizzas pun boleh dapat dengan harga 8 euros.

Venice. Target nak datang with someone special one day. Kehkehkeh

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