Žluté Lázně

One calm weekend in August 2014;


Paddle boat

We went for a paddle boat ride at Žluté Lázně located in Podoli, Prague 4.

It is not far from where I’m staying, it takes about 10 mins by tram. The nearest stop is Dvorce.  Žluté Lázně is the place where you can spend leisure time with family, friends or loved ones!


Vyšehrad with tram passing by


Vyšehrad from the other side

It’s 1 hour ride & we drove the paddle boat on Vltava River heading to the north – which is direction to the city centre. However we only managed to ride up to Výtoň (Vyšehrad) & return back to Žluté Lázně.


Enjoying the view along the journey with the partner :)

There are several activities that you can have there such as table tennis, petanque, diferent type of rental boats & even you can have the Wedding ceremony there!


Nice scenery :)

Unfortunately, it’s nice to be there only during Summer with nice warm weather. :(


Beach at Žluté Lázně

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Výtopna Railway Restaurant

I’ve been to many restaurants/cafe in Prague however this place is really different. Let’c check it out!

Your drink will be serve by small train on your table. So you will have the railway on your table :) Only drinks, not food. Your foods will be serve by the waiter/waitress.


Drinks arrived by train


You will see there are all railways around you.

About foods; I can’t really remember how does it tastes. And for me, the attractive thing is just about the drinks serve by train.

It’s just something which is not ordinary in other place.

So if you have the chance to be in Prague, feel free to stop by here. It’s really unique. And I really like it.

Easy access to this place which is located on Václavské Náměstí & the nearest metro station is Muzeum. The restaurant is just next to Nebe Praha Cocktail & Music Club. No worries, very easy to find it!

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There are several Czech foods however I’m not really into that. I’m truly Asian & I always miss Asian foods.

I’ve tried several Czech foods however I wouldn’t say I really like it. It’s been near one year in Czech Republic now & I really start to get bored with Czech/Western/European/Italian foods. I always craving for Asian foods & tried my best to find Asian restaurant here. LOL

By the way, not to waste my time to type an essay & of course not to waste time of my readers, let’s check something which is typical Czech.



I had this quite a lot during breakfast & I started to get bored as well. Ah typical me. Easy to get bored with something. LOL. But never get enough of certain thing. Ehem..

Anyway, it’s kind of bread & as you can see on top of that there is something. For example, one of them is with eggs & the other one with mixed crab meat.

There are several things that they put on Chlebíček. If you go to the shop, you will be headache which one that you would like to choose.

And only these two types of Chlebíček that I used to like.

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Aidilfitri 2014


I know it’s too late to update about Aidilfitri. I’m trying my best to update what I’ve been through here in Prague however I have limited energy that I couldn’t spend more on blog. And I have skipped a lot of things that I wished I could update here. What to do.. Many nice thing happened & time flies so fast.

Aidilfitri 2014 is really different. I never celebrate Aidilfitri out of Malaysia not even out of Kota Bharu. And this time, this year, meant to celebrate here. So this is how it feels celebrating Aidilfitri without family, far far away from hometown.

Let’s talk about Ramadhan first. As you all already aware (or maybe some are not) that fasting during summer is really terrible. I would say, Subuh is at 2.45am & break-fast is around 9pm. So you can imagine how much time you can eat & how much time that you could not eat.

Alhamdulillah I managed to complete my fasting. Managed to fasting 21 days out of 30 days. Not bad right? 7 days on menstrual + 2 days traveling. How did I managed this? Actually it’s up to us whether we want to do it or not? Not to forget, my surroundings is non-muslim & been surrounded by people that is eating around me. Alhamdulillah, Allah helped me. My Iman is still strong. :) And I don’t care at all.

I couldn’t really remember how was my situation that time whether I am sick or not feeling well. So far everything went smooth. Again, Alhamdulillah.


Rendang paste by Marks & Spencer

So how I celebrated my Aidilfitri here? The first day I was just at home, cooking express rendang & eating by myself. The second day, I received invitation from Malaysian Embassy. I was there, met some Malaysians & was so happy that I had satay. Yay!


Raya in Prague

So this is how we celebrate Raya. Enjoy!

I’m OK is just that I missed my family & Malaysia. Wait till next entry :)

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London 2014

And this time, here I am.. London, England, United Kingdom.

Two days before fly to Paris, partner was suggesting to book the flight to London. He always claim that he is not much into travelling however both Paris & London, he is the one that suggested for this. This is what I am getting don’t understand with man. LOL. And I was like we didn’t even fly yet to Paris & now we already booked the ticket to London for the next month.

To shorten the story, we booked the ticket to London & the trip is on my birthday. So yes, I was celebrating my 26th birthday in London :)

We flew from Prague to London Luton Airport on 18th June 2014 & we were there for 4 nights. London is a big city, should spend more time there actually. Lucky me, before I went London, I was asking about the tips in London from my teammate which are British Guys. There are about 5 British guys in my team so it makes my trip easier.


Big Ben


We are in London, England!

First day; Good Morning London. Actually I’m not a big fan on London but this time is exception. It’s just because of my birthday & because of the cheap flights & also invitation from partner. So I walked from area Victoria Station to Palace of Westminster, Westminster Bridge, St. James Park, Buckingham Palace, Wellington Arch, Piccadilly, & we had lunch at Nando’s Regent Street. I’m so happy to get Nando’s this time as they don’t have it in Prague.


St. James Park

After lunch, we continue our walk to National Art Gallery which is free entry & also to Trafalgar Square. Next, we had some rest at Whitehall Gardens & also we walked to riverside & sit around Cleopatra’s Needle.


National Art Gallery, Trafalgar Square

We had a very nice dinner which is Burger & Lobster not far from Green Park. It was a perfect dinner! It’s 20 pounds each.



Second day; We went to Madame Tussauds the wax museum. It was amazing to see those celebrities & it looks real. I think this is my first wax museum visit. Before this I was just watching in TV, magazines & just couldn’t believe that finally I’m here. Yay!


Madame Tussauds with the celebrities

In the afternoon, we went for lunch at Malaysian Hall & from there, we took a walk in Hyde Park. It is very huge & I really like it especially with the lake. We feed the pigeons with bread & it was so nice surrounded by them.


Hyde Park

Next; This is what I was waiting for long time. Finally I could enter Harrods, Knightsbridge London! And of course my main purpose is to buy some handbags. Lucky me, partner bought me a handbag for my birthday. Thank you Sayang :)


Harrods, London

I also managed to get another shopping bag from Harrods & also another cute bag from Ted Baker which is the shop just outside Harrods. Unfortunately, I don’t have much time to shop a lot & partner already warned me not to spend time a lot in shopping mall. Sobs.


We also had some nice hi-tea at The Tea Room in Harrods. The price is just too much, What to do; This is London! LOL

Third day; 21st June 2014. Hey, it’s my birthday! I am officially 26! Yay! First time in my life celebrating my birthday outside of country that I was born. It’s amazing experience as I was expecting to celebrate my birthday this time just in Prague however I got it more.


I’m a birthday girl in London :)

To have a romantic birthday celebration (not so romantic maybe) we went for London Eye River Cruise on Thames River. With this, we managed to see the London city around the riverside.


Tower Bridge

We were lucky at that time the Tower Bridge is opens. We could see clearly how the Tower Bridge looks like when it’s open for the ships to cross.

We get back to the port & we had English lunch around Trafalgar Square. It’s a birthday lunch actually. LOL. Just a simple lunch however it’s not about the lunch. It’s all about your birthday! Hehe.


Birthday lunch with a piece of cake

After lunch, we went to Oxford Street to see what’s there. It was too many people & so crowded. People are just crazy with shopping. Glad that I could see, experiencing it & be on Oxford Street so that I know how it feels & how it looks like. Of course there was a lot of sales. Everywhere & it’s very long street!

Next, we went to Tower Bridge & cross the bridge. Being on Tower Bridge feels like my trip to London is complete! Hehe. It’s a must right to visit Tower bridge? Hehe.


Me on Tower Bridge, London

That’s all about my trip in London. Thank you to another half that was behave nicely as a travel partner. When you travel with partner, it test you a lot. From here, you will know whether you could be with him/her or not.

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Nasi Lemak Ayam Berempah

Hidup di perantauan jauh dari Malaysia memang macam ini. Nak makan apa-apa yang Malaysian/Asian, kena masak sendiri. Jangan mimpi lah keluar depan rumah ada nasi lemak. Tak payah berharap. Maka di sebabkan tahu kalau tak masak sendiri memang takkan dapat makan; maka dengan rajinnya masak nasi lemak sendiri. Sekarang ni nasi lemak tu hujung jari je. Kehkehkeh.

Masa kat Malaysia dulu tak pernah buat nasi lemak sendiri. Pernah buat pun mummy ada sama. Dengan berdikarinya diri ini kali ni maka terhasil nasi lemak yang memang tip top. Hehe. Bukan sekali dua je tapi dah berpuluh kali buat nasi lemak secara sendiri. Siap bawa bekal pergi office you know!

Bukan setakat tu, kali ni siap buat ayam goreng berempah & jemput kawan-kawan. Diaorang pun suka. Bukan Malaysian friends tapi European friends actually. Pun layan nasi lemak. Resipi ayam berempah adalah resipi google. Main campak je pun rasa ayam berempah.


Sila menjamu mata dengan kepakaran nasi lemak ayam berempah kali ini.

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Crepes at I.P. Pavlova

Last time kat Paris we had the chance to try French Crepes. So on 6th June 2014, after balik from Paris, partner was suggesting to go for crepes kat I.P. Pavlova. Actually I tak berapa ingat restaurant ni kat mana tapi memang tak jauh la dari I.P. Pavlova.


Crepes ni tak lah sesedap macam kat Paris itu hari. Dan ini vegetarian salty crepes. Maklum lah kadang-kadang kan perasan Vegetarian. LOL

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Dish – fine burger bistro

Selepas beberapa hari balik from Paris, tiba-tiba asyik nak makan burger. Setiap hari pun nak burger. Tak kisahla tak makan nasi pun, burger je yang nak. LOL. Tak tahu kenapa, tapi mungkin sebab masa kat Paris banyak tengok kedai burger best-best sampai terkilan tak dapat try burger sana. Padahal burger bukan typical French food pun kan.

Di sebabkan terlalu nak burger, maka partner bawa la pergi satu kedai burger kat Prague ni kat Římská street. Boleh jalan from Muzeum punya station metro.

Burger dia rasa macam.. OK sorry tak ingat macam mana. But acceptable kiranya.

Enjoy your meal!


After makan burger, I went for ice cream Angelato near Wenceslas Square. :)

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Paris 2014

Hello & Hi! I should greet people nicely right? Haven’t update my blog for almost 3 months. And where have I been? What happened to me? Calm down guys. I am still alive, fine, healthy but not wealthy yet. It’s just that I was so busy, really busy, super busy that I don’t have even a minute to touch my blog. Not at all. And now, I will try to catch as fast as I can to update all these things in 3 months.

By the way, I went for holiday in Paris on 21st May 2014 until 24th May 2014. Not so long, just 3 nights there & please be informed that Paris is so expensive!

Anyway, this is our first holiday together. Quite challenging I would say as we are still in the phase of getting to know each other & at that time it’s not even 2 months been together.

I will try my best to update about Paris & I hope I still remember what I’ve been through. :) Usually I remember what happens during holiday because I am so happy + excited during holiday. I’m glad that I’m sitting near French team in office, so I was asking them a lot about Paris & that’s make my holiday easier. LOL. Of course you have to search by yourself as well actually.

Paris, France.. One of my dream place since I was teenagers. I was dreaming to go with someone special one day. One fine day, my dreams came true. I just couldn’t believe it.


Pont Alexandre III

For the first night we stayed in Avenir Hotel near Montmartre & the nights after that we stayed in Touring Hotel which is the nearest metro station is Cadet. Such a nice hotel!

We’ve been walking a lot around Paris & of course I don’t have energy to upload hundreds of photos here in blog. Of course I will choose the nicest one. That’s the trick!

Paris is huge however it’s nice just to have random walk & of course sometimes you need to rely on map as well. You will see nice old buildings with the touch of typical French concept. I really like it! Yes Europe is about the same with old buildings however there is still something slightly different. So don’t waste your money to take metro. LOL

The landmark of Paris is Eiffel Tower. The first thing people will think about Paris is about it’s romantic city & the Eiffel Tower. Your trip is not complete without visit to Eiffel Tower.


Eiffel, I’m really in Love with this guy :)

And here I am. It’s really tall & huge. I feel like in a dream seeing Eiffel Tower finally with my own eyes. I am over excited; isn’t it? LOL.

Next; we went to the top of Eiffel Tower. Thank you partner for the gift of this Eiffel Tower trip. Yes, you should go up to the third floor to see the view of Paris city.


View from Eiffel Tower

After that we had dinner around the Eiffel Tower. And we went to the other place for visit. Here we are, Notre Dame de Paris.



It’s me!

The next day, we walked from the Palais Garnier as partner would like to go to Apple Store, Opera. After that we walked to Hard Rock Cafe as it is not really far & next we just walk until we reached The Louvre. We just hang around there as I am not really interested to visit museum. LOL.


The Louvre

We had some stop & rest at Tuileries Garden just in front of Louvre. We continue our walk along the riverside & we had nice Indian lunch near Pompidou Centre.

Again, we just continue our journey & we went to the shopping street with branded & super expensive brands. Some of the things is just out of my mind when I see the price tag. LOL. Who the hell is buying all these stuffs? Lucky you :)

We also had the chance to try these expensive macarons, Ladurée


Let’s see how romantic the scenery of Eiffel Tower during night. With the lights blinking & so on. You will feel it when you are in front of the tower.


Me & Petr; Nicest man I’ve ever had..

The last day we are in Paris, we went to Sacré-Cœur Basilica. We just walked from the hotel that we were staying as it’s not far at all however this is on top of the hill so you need more energy to climb up.


Sacré-Cœur Basilica.

Goodbye Paris & see you again probably..

Wait for the next coming entry from me :)

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Národní Kavárna

16th May 2014..

Friday routine dinner with the partner as usual..

Venue: Národní Kavárna at Národní Třída

Had some risotto, Grilled salmon & blueberry pancakes :)


*I’m a foods lover*

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