Aureole Fusion Restaurant and Lounge

On 11th month Anniversary.. :)

He decided to have dinner in one of the nice & expensive restaurant which is located on 27th floor building Prague City Tower in Pankrác, Prague 4 with the heights 109m. It’s Aureole Fusion Restaurant and Lounge which serves International cuisine.

On Friday evening, 6th March 2015, we went there around 5pm as we wanted to see sunset. Unfortunately, the weather was quite cloudy & we could not get nice view of sunset.

IMG_2876 copy

View from 27th floor

We were expecting the nice view from this tall building however the view in Pankrác are mostly the panel building :) Yes, this is Prague. You will find a lot of panel buildings which they call it here as Panelák.

IMG_2894 copy

Dinner :)

So we had our dinner which is; I can’t remember the name LOL. But I had something with beef & rice, and he had Tuna Tempura. And finally, dessert! The foods looks amazing & the price is “amazing” too.. :)

IMG_2900 copy


It was a small monthly celebration just between us.. Thanks for the treat :)

Yes, I am glad to have you in my life :)

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17th February 2015; The real holiday started. We went to the mountain north of Czech Republic, Krkonoše. We specifically went & stayed in Janské Lázně. Have you ever think to go for skiing? Have you? Me, no actually. LOL. I just wanted to go to mountain & to play with snow. I wanted to have more snow, that was my mission. However, my partner has a friend who is works for Ski School. So my partner was asking me to try the ski. It was quite difficult in the beginning & I don’t know how to make breaks when I’m on ski. LOL.

IMG_2580 copy


Second day, I tried ski again. It was better I would say little bit however, I enjoyed skiing. It was such a nice experience as for a girl like me which is Ski is not common sport/activity in Malaysia. I feel lucky 😉 I also had the chance to ride sledge (sánky). I really like it. We went to the top of Černá Hora by cable car & go down by sledge. I had 2 rides & during the second ride I fell down from sledge & it continue moving by its own. I was so nervous as I lose the sledge. I go down slowly & finally found that sledge stuck at one corner. LOL.

IMG_2621 copy

Ride on sledge

IMG_2625 copy

IMG_2664 copy

Third day, I went for a ski again in the morning. And after that we went to the other city nearby which is Pec pod Sněžkou. We had lunch there, walked by around and again, go up to the top Velká Úpa by cable car. We weren’t skiing there as I am already tired & the ski slopes looks scary – I’m scared. It was a nice view & how amazing Allah create all these thing :) Subhanallah..

IMG_2673 copy

IMG_2628 copy

On open cable car

IMG_2638 copy

View from on top of Velká Úpa

Last day; we tried ski however we had some stupid problem we ski pass. Nothing much & just had lunch & prepare to leave the mountain. From Janské Lázně, we were heading to my partner’s hometown to visit the family. Glad to see his mom as she is nice as usual. No wonder he is nice too 😀

IMG_2724 copy

We had another celebration for partner with the family & his mom baked a nice cake. Never disappointed to have her home-cooked foods. Everything is nice.

The next day, Saturday. I had to return to Prague alone as my friend from Malaysia is coming to Prague with her German husband.

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Hello 2015

Hello 2015!

I hope it’s not too late yet to wish my readers Happy New Year! I realized that I didn’t update blog for looonnggggg time. I was busy with many things & time flies so fast. These are only reasons that I could provide why I’m not updating my blog. I will summarize everything. I really don’t have time to separate entries.

Let’s start from September 2014, as previous entry I went for holiday to Singapore & Malaysia. Return from holiday, I was not feeling well, dizzy & etc. Flight sick maybe 😉 ..

Return from holiday, there were two big news for me. Alhamdulillah. I just got promoted from SD Analyst to Senior SD Analyst starting from September 2014. Second news is, I got another promotion which is I am accepted for new position in February 2015. Two promotions in few months & I’m glad. In September I had to sign two papers which is position for Senior SD Analyst for UK & Ireland, next one is for position DSC UK EIM Analyst in February 2015.

October & November; Nothing much I could say. I almost forget what happened. Nothing special probably. Daily life, work, eat, sleep.

December; Was busy with few things as well. We had santa secret in our team & I am also entitled for the gifts. Tadaaaa.. Here we are & these are my team members.

IMG_1549 copy

Some of my teammates

25th December 2014; Went to my partner’s hometown during Christmas holiday. It was a small town in east of Bohemia. Was spending time with his family, eating Czech foods for few days, Christmas cookies & etc. Such a nice experience in my life to experience & live with Czech family during Christmas. And yay! It was snowing there.

IMG_1735 copy

Xmas cookies

Not to forget, it was also snowing in Prague. Don’t have much time to play with snow & sometimes just spend time in front of office to play with snow.

IMG_1851 copy

New Year; Nothing much. Was spending time at home as it was really cold outside. And also January 2015 is the last month in current team. Ready & prepare to leave the team. LOL.

17th January 2015; Went for short holiday in Brno, Czech Republic on weekend. Had fun time & nice time there. Tried several foods & had 3 course-menu in Barcelo Brno Palace Hotel. Such a great time :) This is my 2nd time in Brno which in second largest city in Czech Republic after Prague.

IMG_2056 copy

Inside the hotel

IMG_2088 copy

Dinner :)

31st January 2015; Went to nice restaurant for buffet dinner at Ambiente Brasileiro on Na Příkopě, Prague 1 with my partner’s sister & cousin in-law. Some grilled meats, salads, oyster, even sushi & etc. You can eat how much you want. Guess what, I was full until the next morning. LOL.

IMG_2264 copy

1st February 2015; The weather was really nice that day even though it is still Winter! Partner was asking to go out since it’s quite sunny out there. And we decided to go to one of the tower in Staroměstská (Old Town Square) which is the same tower with Astronomical Clock. Yeah I am living in Prague for already a year however I’ve never been there. So, this is the right time. LOL.

IMG_2276 copy

What a nice view, you can see how beautiful Prague is. You will never know until you come here. :) This is why I love Prague, so calm. I feel more home here in Prague. This is how I feel, it’s different!

IMG_2285 copy

Next, we joined the tour to Historical Hall & Underground. Full of history :)

IMG_2313 copy

We end up our dinner with Thai foods. I was really craving for Spicy Tomyam & suddenly we found nice Thai restaurant in the middle of Old Town Square. Om nom nom. It was Erawan Prague. We do have Erawan in Malaysia, don’t we? But I’ve never been there.

IMG_2334 copy

Thai dinner, Erawan Prague

2nd February 2015; Finally joined the new team, DHL Supply Chain, UK. Meeting new colleagues, trying to understand the process & etc. Since we have many new joiners, so basically the training are for them & I just join to help them in giving some information. Nothing much, I am still didn’t start my work. Just in training, meetings & discussions.

8th February 2015; My wish came true! LOL. I was dreaming to have a makeup box complete 1 set. And that day, we went to Fashion Arena Outlet as partner wanted to buy something. I wasn’t plan to search for this makeup box. Luckily I found it. Was considering to buy it or not & partner offered to buy it for me (eventhough he prefers me natural beauty without makeup). Hehe thank you darling.

IMG_2407 copy

14th February 2015; Happy Valentine’s day, Love :) And yeah, 9 days holiday started. Hehe. I took a week holiday & gone from work. Well, not really a celebration as partner was on-call that day & we just had simple lunch in Kavárna Creperie Novodvorská Plaza. Just a sweet pancake & the other one is salty pancake. Not to forget, fruits Sundae as well.

IMG_2490 copy

16th February, Monday; Happy Birthday Sayang 😉

We went for small celebration with his sister, Lenka. We had afternoon tea in Prague Marriott Hotel near Naměstí Republiky.

IMG_2525 copy

IMG_2555 copy

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Malaysia 2014 – Kuala Lumpur

Monday, 15th September 2014 – After 10 months not living in Malaysia, now I returned. Again, I’m just on holiday for 10 days in Malaysia. Not yet return for good. I’m still staying in Europe. Yes I do love Europe so much! But of course, I still love you, Malaysia.. Don’t ask me when I will ever return back to Malaysia for good. No plan yet so far :)

Hello Kuala Lumpur!

So we flew from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur by MAS in the afternoon. My feeling that time, OMG I’m so nervous. Many things playing in my mind. I miss my family, I miss the foods, & of course this is my first time ever taking a European man aka Czech boyfriend to my country. LOL.

Too excited to get off from the airplane, I left my sunglasses there in airplane. Landed at KLIA, get off from the airplane, happy to see Malaysians & of course finally I could speak Malay. Yay!

Yet another nervous because my dad will pick us up at KLIA. Can you imagine how it feels when you didn’t meet your dad personally for 10 months? I’m so excited to see dad & thanks to him that drove my car from Kota Bharu to KL. And of course another nervous feeling which is introducing the man of my dream to my dad. Yes, only my dad that time as my mom & brother is in Kota Bharu.

To shorten the story, my dad return to Kota Bharu at the same day as I will be staying in KL for 3 nights. See you again dad! LOL. I drove my car heading to KL & another nervous feeling again; haven’t drive the car for about 10 months. Hehe. And you know how crazy the traffic in KL right?


Dinner with sister’s family

Another exciting moment is to meet my sister, brother in law & my cute nieces. Yay! So we had Japanese dinner at Sushi Zanmai Avenue K just opposite to KLCC. Happy to see them especially my nieces. They are growing up so fast!

We had a lot of nice Sushi & this is one of the thing that I missed in Malaysia. No more fake Sushi like in Prague. Hehe. Another nice meeting + nervous when introduce my man to my sister’s family. Glad that everything’s goes well.

2nd day in KL; In the morning, we had breakfast at Old Town White Coffee in Central Market. And from there, we took the monorail to Bukit Bintang. Been to some places there to show my partner what’s fun in KL. We went to Times Square, Sungei Wang Plaza, Pavilion, etc.

From Bukit Bintang, we walked to KLCC via new bridge. It’s really convenient. I was so mad that time because we supposed to go to KLCC by train. Unfortunately, they have some issue & I don’t want to waste my time & we decided to walk. At least I could try something new.

We need to be around KLCC by 2pm as we have bought the ticket to go up on Petronas Twin Towers. As a Malaysian, I’ve never been on the Twin Towers bridge. And finally, here I am. We were on the bridge between the towers. Unfortunately, it was haze & the view is not really clear.


On the Twin Towers’ bridge

Next; we are on the highest floor one of the tower. It’s level 86 Petronas Twin Towers. I feel glad to be on top of this. Such a nice experience :)


Level 86 Petronas Twin Towers

We had lunch in Suria KLCC with my sister & just hang around at KLCC park together with my sister’s family.

On the same day, we went for dinner with my cousins at South Sea Seafood, Subang. Yet another nervous as this is my first time introducing partner to my cousins. It was like 10 of us or more maybe :) Glad that everything’s fine.


Cousins :)


Butter crabs

3rd day in KL; We went to Putrajaya & Cyberjaya. Putrajaya; Place where I lived for almost 2 years. Putrajaya is still beautiful & I still liked it! We went for some drinks at Selera Putra with friends. Here we are; We are the Kelantanese girls & the guys are Czech. What a co-incident right? Czech-Malaysian dating :)

After that, we went to DHL ITS Cyberjaya. Here I am meeting my ex-colleagues & finally partner could meet the colleagues from the other side of the globe. Happy to see them. Life is beautiful with nice colleagues. I missed working with them. Lots of memories for that 2 years in Cyberjaya. Sobs.


Ex-teammates in Cyberjaya


We are in DHL ITS Cyberjaya

Next trip; I drove from Cyberjaya to Damansara. We’ve been invited by my aunties for hi-tea. Again & again, another nervous feeling. LOL. It’s the time to introduce my partner to aunties, uncles & cousins. Alhamdulillah everything goes well. We had nice traditional Malay foods & glad that they liked my partner! My aunties keep saying that my boyfriend is good looking & so handsome! LOL. Yeah, that’s the reason why I liked him; am I? 😛

Partner was busy talking to my uncle & I went for swimming in my auntie’s swimming pool with my cousins & Nona’s little baby Muhammad Al-Jannah. So adorable! He likes to swim as well. Hehe. While swimming, we had some chat with aunties, cousins & was having so much fun with my not so little cousins in the pool.


At my aunt’s place

And another day has finished.. Will see you in next entry. Goodbye Kuala Lumpur!

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Singapore 2014

Singapore trip is a perfect vacation for us. At least for me :) Hello Singapore, I’m here again!

I’ve been missing Asia so much after 10 months & finally could fly back to where I belong. It’s just a 16 days holiday & it’s not that I return to Malaysia for good. Hehe.



We flew with Emirates Airlines from Prague to Singapore on 11th September 2014 & transit in Dubai. I’m happy to fly with Emirates. The best airlines I would say? Recommended! The journey from Dubai to Singapore took about 8 hours. I’m dying in flight! 😀 I just don’t like it. And now I realized it took more than 10 hours flight from Europe to Asia. OMG!

We arrived in Singapore on Friday, 12th September 2014 & we were the for 3 nights. First night we just hang around Suntec City, Fountain of Wealth & we had dinner at Bangkok Jam Marina Square Shopping Mall. I had nice rice with sesame chicken & partner had noodles beef soup. OMG this is really Asian taste; not the one that we had in Prague.


Bangkok Jam

Next, we went to Esplanade, sitting there while looking at Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Such an amazing view! I was here many times however this time is really different as I’m with partner. This is my first time in Singapore with the boyfriend. It’s romantic & I’m so happy to have such a great man next to me :)


Marina Bay Sands Hotel

2nd day in Singapore; From Aljunied, we took MRT to Harbour Front & had nice Chinese breakfast with half boiled eggs & kaya toast at Toast Box, Vivo City. After breakfast, we decided to walk to Sentosa Island via Sentosa Boardwalk. Lucky us, it’s free & we don’t have to pay anything to enter the Sentosa Island. However if you wanted to enter Sentosa Island via monorail, you need to pay for the tickets. Sentosa Boardwalk is quite new & it’s nice that you could see a nice view while walking. No worries, they have the shelter there & you won’t think how hot is the weather as the beautiful view will take your attention :)

Arrived in Sentosa Island, we went to play some attractions. We bought the package in advance which is we can play 4 attractions out of 18 attractions. We would like to have more however we don’t have much time & couldn’t spend the whole day at Sentosa Island as we need to go somewhere else in the afternoon. So basically we were in Sentosa Island for only half of the day.


View from Tiger Sky Tower

First attraction is Tiger Sky Tower. It will bring us to the up & will rotate for 360 degrees. When you are on top, you could see the whole Sentosa Island, the small islands around that & also some part of the Singapore also Keppel Harbour, Harbourfront. You could see how happy my partner is.. 😀 He probably happier than me..

2nd attraction; we went for Skyline & Luge. Such a nice ride & we really enjoy it.

3rd attraction; Partner would like to go to Butterfly farm. I would say it’s not worth at all. Not many butterflies at all. LOL.

4th attraction; Desperados 4D. We could ride the fake horse while holding the guns &  just shoot!


Lunch :)

In the afternoon we had lunch at Tastes of Asia in Sentosa Island. I had Nasi Ayam Penyet (Indonesian Cuisine) & partner had Hawker Signatures which contains Laksa, Satay, Fish cake & Chicken rice.


With the man of my dreams at Siloso Beach, Sentosa Island Singapore

Next; we continue our walk to Siloso Beach. Another dreams came true! I always dreaming to bring someone special here. And here we are! So sunny, hot weather, fresh air & with the smell of the sea breeze. Everything is perfect! I wish just to stay there :(


We completed our Sentosa Island trip with the visit of the Southern point of South East Asia at Palawan Beach. Again, such a beautiful view! Tell me how couldn’t I like Sentosa Island? Never get bored even though I’ve been here many times.


From Beach Station, we left Sentosa Island around 5.30pm & we took MRT to Esplanade. From there, we walked along the Esplanade, to the bridge that connects to the other side which is Marina Bay Sands Hotel & The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. We already bought online ticket for Sands Skypark Observation Deck & here we are! Such a lovely view of Singapore from top of Sands Skypark on 57th floor. It’s quite romantic I would say :)


View from Sands Skypark Observation Deck

How I wish to stay here one day. Shall we return to Singapore & stay here next year? Hehe.


Inside the hotel

It’s dinner time! We had perfect dinner at Thai Express, Esplanade. Guess what, I had Rice with soft shell crab, egg and onion curry! Satisfied!


Thai Express, Esplanade

After dinner, we were sitting on the bridge in front of The Fullerton Hotel Singapore while looking at Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Yet another romantic moment & we went to Merlion Park & return back to hotel. Sleep ZzZZzz..

3rd day in Singapore; In the morning, again; we took the MRT to Harbour Front & had breakfast in Vivo City. Couldn’t remember which Kopitiam, however we had some Asian breakfast as well. Similar to yesterday, we walked from Vivo City to Sentosa Island. However, this time we went to Universal Studios Singapore!


Guess what, this my 3rd time here! LOL. I’m here again because of the partner actually. And I wished to go there for the 3rd time with someone special & my wish come true! Hehe. We tried some rides unfortunately, the Battlestar Galactica is not available that time. Ah wrong timing :( However, we had so much fun & thank you again for being nice partner :)


In the evening, we took MRT to Bayfront & walked to Gardens by the Bay & this is my first time here. It’s quite a huge garden & I never been to this kind of garden. There are several Supertree Grove with the lights & I’m just speechless when look at all these things. Singapore, why are you so pretty? Hehe.. Couldn’t explain more. I would say, this is the place that you really must visit!


15th September 2014; Last day in Singapore; It’s time to fly to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! I’m so nervous; only & only after 10 months I’m coming homeeeeeee! Yay!


Changi International Airport, Singapore

See you in next entry! Catch you later :)

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Summer Party 2014

Happy 10th Anniversary Data Centre Prague!

I’m glad to be part of DHL IT Services, Prague :) The celebration was held on Thursday, August 28th, 2014 at Forum Karlín, Prague 8. It was a very fun & amazing party! The party started at 7pm & ended on midnight.

On that day, unfortunately we had to go to office; working as usual. LOL. We had some Townhall meeting with the top management & it was useful information provided. Again, I feel like I’m lucky to be part of this organization. And I liked it!

My colleague & I did some Indian dance performance. It was a special show from us, the Service Desk department. I’ve been invited to join them for this dancing show. And I was dancing in front of hundreds of other colleagues. Yes, we have about 1100 employees in the building.


Indian dance

The dance was lead by my ex-boss in Cyberjaya, Vivek. He was my boss in Cyberjaya however he was in Prague for few months for work related & again, we see each other. He is cool! And we had to do twice as people requested us to dance again! You guys really liked it, don’t you? And for the second time, all of them joined dancing with us. This is so special!

It’s nice to be with colleagues outside of working hours. As we know that we don’t have much time to mingle around with colleagues because we are hell busy & committed to work. LOL.


Some of my teammate – UK & Ireland team

Czech, Malay, Polish, American


Us :)



Lots of nice foods & I had some Korean which is I can’t really remember how was it looks like. I was still nervous after the dance show + tired & I don’t really have appetite to eat. Plus, they also have nice desserts & I think I had more desserts than the main course.


Petr & me :)

Last but not least, thank you DHL for everything. Here in DHL we met each other. Glad to have a partner that works together in the same company :)

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Kavárna Creperie

I’m not a big fan of ice cream; I’m not.

However, there are some kind of ice cream that I’m really into..

I’ve tried several ice cream, several brands & places here in Prague. Yeah, I’m very picky when it comes to foods. And this time; finally I found the cafe that I really really like! I’ve been craving for it all the time. And I feel like I want it more & more..

It’s Kavárna Creperie! First time I had this in Nový Smíchov, Anděl . It was really amazing Tvarohový pohár (Cream cheese Sundae) with strawberries. And I also have tried the different kind of Sundae.



Surprisingly, the Sundae glass is really huge & tall. I’m very satisfied with this!

In addition, not only ice cream however they also have nice Palačinky (pancakes) with sweet & also salty. And it’s also delicious! I’m addicted to this cafe.


Palačinky (pancakes)

There are four branches here in Prague which is in shopping malls:

1) Nový Smíchov, Anděl

2) Palladium, Náměstí Republiky

3) Nákupní galerie Fénix Vysočanská

4) Novodvorská Plaza

I’ve been to all of them except Novodvorská Plaza although the place where I’m staying is just 5 minutes to that Plaza. LOL. Anyway, please be aware that the prices are different in each mall. Of course in the city centre is more expensive & I would say the most expensive is in Palladium, Náměstí Republiky because they have nice shopping mall there.


Will go there again & while writing this, I’m craving for that.

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Ryby & Chips

This is interesting name of the restaurant Ryby & Chips which is the combination of Czech & English. It’s not common to mix Czech & English unlike in Malaysia, we mixed a lot English & Malay 😀 This restaurant is located at Myslikova street, Prague 2 & the nearest tram stop is Myslikova.


My partner :)

Ryby is a Czech word means fish. The other interesting thing is about the logo itself. It’s similar or I would say same as Underground sign for tube in London.

I was craving for burger & onion rings. As I was so greedy, so we ordered burger, Fish & chips & onion rings. And here they are:




Fish & Chips


Onion rings

The food is OK, not sure if I will ever return here again. 😀

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Žluté Lázně

One calm weekend in August 2014;


Paddle boat

We went for a paddle boat ride at Žluté Lázně located in Podoli, Prague 4.

It is not far from where I’m staying, it takes about 10 mins by tram. The nearest stop is Dvorce.  Žluté Lázně is the place where you can spend leisure time with family, friends or loved ones!


Vyšehrad with tram passing by


Vyšehrad from the other side

It’s 1 hour ride & we drove the paddle boat on Vltava River heading to the north – which is direction to the city centre. However we only managed to ride up to Výtoň (Vyšehrad) & return back to Žluté Lázně.


Enjoying the view along the journey with the partner :)

There are several activities that you can have there such as table tennis, petanque, diferent type of rental boats & even you can have the Wedding ceremony there!


Nice scenery :)

Unfortunately, it’s nice to be there only during Summer with nice warm weather. :(


Beach at Žluté Lázně

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Výtopna Railway Restaurant

I’ve been to many restaurants/cafe in Prague however this place is really different. Let’c check it out!

Your drink will be serve by small train on your table. So you will have the railway on your table :) Only drinks, not food. Your foods will be serve by the waiter/waitress.


Drinks arrived by train


You will see there are all railways around you.

About foods; I can’t really remember how does it tastes. And for me, the attractive thing is just about the drinks serve by train.

It’s just something which is not ordinary in other place.

So if you have the chance to be in Prague, feel free to stop by here. It’s really unique. And I really like it.

Easy access to this place which is located on Václavské Náměstí & the nearest metro station is Muzeum. The restaurant is just next to Nebe Praha Cocktail & Music Club. No worries, very easy to find it!

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